JB Edwards

The Hedgehog knows one big thing, the Fox knows many little things
– Archilochus

Beavers are workers and builders
– John Edwards

We concentrate on objectivity, by defining how we see, anticipate, and how we think about complex issues in a dynamic and ever-changing public safety context. Both empirical research and over 40 years of practical experience is incorporated into our analysis. Then, we focus on proactive measures to provide the best leadership and management features and strategies to our clients charged with public safety responsibilities within the contemporary organizational framework.


We provide specialized consulting and training regarding leadership, management, organizational relationships, operations, and investigations.

Courses available:

  • The Burden of Command (The balance of leadership and management)
  • Meta-cognition in police leadership, the dichotomy of the Fox and the Hedgehog
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Management
  • Procedurally Just Leadership and Legitimate Management Processes
  • Implicit social cognition, the science and the practice as it relates to law enforcement leadership
  • Drug Unit Management: Supervision, Sources and Methods
  • Major Case Management and Coordination
  • Managing a politically sensitive case
  • 21st Century Complexity in Police Operations and Management
  • The contextual dynamics in use of force cases, their investigation, evaluation and interpretations
  • Perspective and practice, central concepts in contemporary policing with the community
  • Making order from chaos: Major Incident Command
  • Communication Dynamics: Internal and External Stakeholder Management
  • A Growth or Fixed Mindset: the choice to be a competent or incompetent narcotics officer in
    contemporary drug enforcement operations
  • Implicit Social Cognition for Police Officers
  • Fact-finding and Investigative Discipline
  • Homicide Investigative Strategies
  • Intelligence Led Policing: Innovation and Problem Solving
  • Practical Applications of Search and Seizure Concepts: A Mindset of Thinking, Reasoning and Articulation
  • Essentials of Law Enforcement Communication Through Specificity in Documentation
  • The Operational Realities And Proactive Strategies Regarding Contemporary Media Management

  • K,
  • I stay quite and out of the political spectrum. But after 42 years in this profession I've had enough. We should strive for the objective truth and wait for facts in these cases with a skeptical optimism with our institutions Both sides need to trust our courts and be patient,
  • 2 of 3 The media should report the facts not interpret them. This has become a pattern with all the networks. It has negative impact on officers working in volatile and turbulent environments and causes emotional responses by public that fuel false narratives,
  • CBS news tonight Margret uses the term “gunned him down” regarding the case in Ohio. The media owes it to the public and the police to use specific and objective language over subjective and artful terms that lean toward sensationalism. It is inflammatory to all sides!!! 1 of 3,
  • Merry Christmas, and God bless you all. I am a richer man because of so many of you who I follow to remain aware. Our contemporary times are complex, complicated, and contextual. Because of many of you, I am better able to navigate the landscape.,